"Cause We Care"CO2-neutral overnight stay

  • Act sustainably
  • Protect the climate
  • Conserve resources

We participate in myclimate "Cause We Care", an initiative for climate protection and sustainable tourism in Switzerland. Companies in the tourism industry, associations and private individuals are actively involved in climate protection.

With myclimate "Cause We Care" we offer CO2-neutral events and overnight stays. For us, this is the logical consequence of our activities: We are actively fighting against food waste, have doubled the charging stations for e-cars and offer plastic-free hotel rooms from 2023. Wherever possible, we work with LED lights, motion detectors and timers to use as little energy as possible.

And this is how it works:

  • Guests and customers voluntarily make a small contribution to sustainability and climate protection. (1% of the net invoice amount and CHF 2 per night of accommodation).
  • We double this and put all the money into our own myclimate "Cause We Care" sustainability fund.
  • Local sustainability and carbon offset measures are financed from the fund. At the same time, the CO2 emissions of the event and the overnight stay are offset with a myclimate carbon offset project.

Together we achieve a double effect. For our nature, the environment, and the climate.

One of our sustainability projects in the house:

We have modernised our building management system with MSRL technology. MSRL stands for highly energy-efficient building automation, which contains all the measurement, control, regulation and control technology functions for a building. This enables us to record, control, analyse and track our energy consumption better and more comprehensively. The system works intelligently, comprehensively and depending on the utilisation of the rooms. This helps us to save energy.

Our carbon offset project from myclimate "Cause We Care":

Clean drinking water for schools and households in Uganda

New technologies for low-income households and schools to purify drinking water - this is the project we support. Clean water is a very valuable asset and helps on many levels:

  • The people, including many children do no longer have waterborne diseases.
  • The children are less ill often and can attend school more regularly.
  • The children also no longer spend hours collecting firewood and can use the time more sensibly.
  • The installed water filters save charcoal and firewood for boiling the water.

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