How we handle ourenergy

  • We use 100% green electricity.
  • Throughout the Kursaal Bern, we have reduced the supply temperature of the heating and thus lowered the room temperature.
  • Employees are sensitized to turn off lights, switch off screens at the end of duty and shut down PCs.
  • We have greatly reduced our Christmas lighting, consistently using time-switched LEDs.
  • We have connected our KURSAAL font to time and dimmer switches.
  • In the back office and underground parking garage, we connected the LEDs to motion sensors.
  • We switched off the rest of the facade lighting.
  • We installed energy-saving cooling ceilings in the rooms.
  • We have connected our ventilations with timers, then they work only as needed.
  • We have adjusted our air conditioning via the ventilation systems.
  • We have doubled the number of our charging stations for e-cars.
  • We do our laundry at night to break power spikes.
  • The building automation in our conference wing is being updated to the latest technology with motion sensors, air quality sensors, and timers.
  • We avoid food waste and work with United Against Waste.
  • We use regional and seasonal products whenever possible.

Other things we do