160 years of the best view

From the summer "Schänzli" in 1859 looking out to the city and mountains over a music pavilion, a glazed concert hall until the Kursaal Bern now.

There have been many changes over the years. Kursaal Bern is now the biggest congress centre in the region of Bern with 30 seminar and congress rooms, a 4-star superior hotel, three restaurants and Grand Casino Bern. Just one thing has remained constant: the breathtaking view of the city and mountains.

  • 1859/60: Kaufmann Lanz constructs a commercial building "Sommerwirtschaft“ in "Laubsägli" style  (Architects Bardy + Conod).

  • 1873/74: A music pavilion is built, plus supporting wall at the Aare valley slope to expand the terrace area and a hall with a stage (old theatre) for comedies and operettas. Sold to Ernst+Cie.

  • 1903: The Kursaal & summer casino company called Schänzli is set up in Hotel Bernerhof with CHF 35,000.00 share capital. Lease contract.

  • 1914: Opening of new Kursaal with concert hall tract, lift tower, foyer, glazed concert hall and games room (Architect Albert Gerstler).

  • 1933: Opening of candelabra hall foyer with theatre and rehearsal area, meeting room, club salon and Kursaal (Architect Albert Gerstler).

  • 1946: Extension of concert hall (Architect Albert Schuppisser).

  • 1959: Opening of new concert hall (Architect Walter Jaussi).

  • 1973: Renovation of ballroom (candelabra hall). Wireless interpreting area (six interpreting booths), new big screen and new lights with 384 lamps. Cost: CHF 1 million (Architect Walter Jaussi).

  • 1980: Modernisation of concert hall (July – August); cost: CHF 1.8 million. Initial negotiations with interested parties for Kursaal Hotel (built and managed by third parties).

  • 1998: Opening of Hotel Allegro with renovated access to the Kursaal (Architect Rudolf Rast, interior designer Pia Schmid).

  • 1998: Opening of Eurasia Restaurant – now Restaurant Meridiano.

  • 2002: Renovation of Eurasia Restaurant and reopening as Meridiano.

  • 2002: Opening of Grand Casino Bern, Schänzli conference area and Etage Deluxe Penthouse (Architects Moser + Suter).

  • 2005: Renovation of Restaurant Meridiano.

  • 2006: Opening of Restaurants Yù – modern Chinese restaurant.

  • 2007: Opening of Maximilian beer garden.

  • 2008: Opening of extended parking area (from 140 to 240 spaces) and Restaurant Giardino (end of May).

  • 2009: Completion of renovation of 171 rooms in Hotel Allegro and opening of Zino Platinum Cigar Lounge.

  • 2010: Modernisation of arena, construction of Event Forum on former terrace area. Infrastructure upgrade (large kitchen, storage facilities, offices). Completion of reconstruction: 2012 (Büro B Architects and Planer Bern).

  • 2011: Reopening of Restaurant Yù East and West in the Hotel Allegro atrium.

  • 2012: Reopening of Forum, Reopening of Arena, Extension of Grand Casino, commissioning of new large kitchen, opening of Casino Neuchâtel.

  • 2016: Opening of new Sopra wing (new Aare wing)
  • 2021: Reopening of Hotel under new name "Swissôtel Kursaal Bern" and joining the Accor group